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RUNN away from RANN

Never wanted to see this movie because of the over hype that it had and the National Anthem controversy. Highly mixed reviews cemented the desire in me on not to go for the movie.  Reached the movie hall to see Ishqiya, but as my luck would have it, No tickets 😦 Thought of leaving then friends said, lets see RANN. I was like theek hain :-/

Had zero expectation while seeing the movie. Mainly because I had lost faith in Ram Gopal Varma. I wish he returns to the person he was.

Its basically a half cooked story made with guest artists. That should sum it up all.

The plot: A media empire built on truth and ethics. Headed by Mr. Bachan. He has a son Sudeep who is frustrated that the competitors are doing well and his channel doesnt have TRP’s. The son in law Rajat Kapoor, who is a shrewd business man. This makes up the family.

With the employees you have Ritesh Deshmukh who is an aspiring journalist and considers Bachan to be his role model. Mohnish Behl as a cunning competitor. Suchitra Krishnamurthy as a spy in Bachan’s organization. Paresh Rawal as ruthless politician.

Plot is simple: Paresh & Rajat convinces Sudeep to show a phony news on the PM on their channel. Sudeep then in turn convinces dad to air the news. Govt falls. Paresh is the next in line. Ritesh revolts.

An easily guessable story. Half cooked by an uninterested cook – Ram Gopal Varma. Garnishing is done by horrible background score. Thank god I didn’t waste time to listen to them. Oops, I forgot the horrible camera angles and the crappy background score.

The second half was much much better. Last 30 minutes was torture and with an undigestable climax.

A look at the actors:

Riteish: He has one basic expression throughout the movie. Frustration+ sadness. Less dialogues. I felt he was facing constipation.

Bachan: You acting was good, no doubt about it. Like his son tweeted today, this movie doesn’t deserve you at all.

Sudeep: You were good in the beginning. But you sucked as it improved. Learn to shout and show emotions!

Gul Panag: You were there just for 4-5 scenes. So I leave you. Waise loved your dimples as usual 🙂

Paresh Rawal: Didn’t impress nor disappoint.

Rajpal Yadav: You were fun to watch as usual. Can’t complain at all.

Rest, are not even worth commenting. Either they weren’t good or they were not there much.

Couple of good scenes noted: The clippings from various channels after new break out. Rajat Kapoor mocking Paresh Rawal.

A request to Ram Gopal Varma: This was a genre which Madhur Bhandarkar has started boring us with. Please return to your original class.

Verdict: Not worth a watch in a movie hall unless ticket is free. If interested wait for DVD release.

Mile Sur Mera Thumhara

One of the most discussed topic for this year’s Indian Republic Day was the new ‘Mile Sur Mera Thumhara’ video.

The video that came out on the Independence day of 1988. The video got instantly popular and is regularly aired on DD ever since then. The song was subtly made with a simple set of lyrics combined in a hummable tune. It had a nice blend of stars and normal people.  People naturally connected. Rest is history. The song became a cult and became almost equal to the national anthem in status.

Back then in 90’s, DD had a commanding presence in India. It was the channel that had the maximum reach in the masses. This song is inside almost every youth of today. We almost grew up with it. Its totally baffling to see such a rehash on the video.

The video starts with a sitar, you are like ok; good hain. A.R.Rahman enter the scene with continuum keyboard. You’ll be like ok ok. He puts in a decent effort, the baton is well taken by his continuum. I am nor sure if many would like this sequence.

Enter the current leader of Bollywood. The one and only Mr. Bachan. He starts with Mile sur mera thumhara, totally out of sync. Why did he have to do that. He has the gateway of India on the background. Not sure if its for real or CGI. I feel its poor CGI. Not disrespecting, but sur mein gaavo. You are not the musician here. Once he is done with his erratic singing, he does what he does best. He narrates. Lovely in his awesome voice. Everything forgiven.

Enter Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, with an alaap from Shankar, good hain. I am totally let down when he starts singing. Not you! Please. This is followed by a good Sitar sequence from Anoushka Shankar with tabla in the background. Rating goes a little up.

Enter Vikram in the tamil sequence, nice crooning at the background. Vikram is followed by Surya. Guys, you are not acting in a romantic song!

The current Koel Shreya Ghosal sings now. No comments here. How dare I. I wished that it lasted long. My wishes were never granted! 😦

Enter the Miss Beautiful with her Nakhra’s and her Hubby with a tone totally not related to his!

Telugu segment done by Mahesh Babu gets my full credit.

Wow Dal lake with Santoor in the back ground. Shivkumar Sharma & Rahul Sharma performs. Full marks here. What is Rohit Bal doing there in between!

I can go on and on like this. Almost everywhere I see stars going and coming. Where is the Aam Aadmi. At times I see decent performance by Zakir Hussain and Shaan. At the same time I see half baked performance from Shamak Dawar and Shobana. Also, horrible performance from Sonu Nigam with a beggar look. Dude, wearing decent clothes doesn’t give you a decent look. Plus the the crowd typically appears that it was controlled.

Mr. Aamir Khan – You are not singing Aati Kya Khandala.

Mr. SRK – You are are not going Sooraj Hua Madham.

Salman – He requires a good mention. He stands apart and so does he in the sequence. He connects well with the deaf children. Good job dude!

Rest all are not even worth a mention. If I mention more, I’ll end up having more enemies than friends.

Not that I hate the people mentioned. These are people I like and it hurts when they do such mockery.

If I am granted the permission to kill someone, I would kill the person who thought of this idea in the first place.

Rather than national integrity it portrays the integrities of film industries across the nation!

Last but not the least, they could have included Saif & Kareena also!

Happy Republic Day

Its the 60th republic day. Yippeee!

Happy Republic day wishes to all. 🙂

I guess its the first time I am having a class or have to go to work on a Republic day. Anyways.

On this occasion, I remember my school days. When we used to go with mini flags in hand, sing national anthem. Listen to speeches on Republic day. Best part was the sweets that you get after that. Oh boy! I do miss it big time.

As I grew up and got out of college, this day became a mere holiday for me and for the matter for all of us.

On this occasion, I wish that our country becomes a better republic and start taking steps towards a better republic. Were fairness comes over vested interests. Every state people is treated as equals. Every language is given its due respect. I guess I am wishing too much. 😀

On this occasion, I would like to congratulate all the Padma award winners.

Anyways, Happy Republic Day once again. Jai Ho. Jai Hind!.

Found this nice poem.

Indian National Film Awards for 2008

Indian National Awards 2008

One of the most awaited film awards in India where we feel there will be fair representation of all the film industries in India. It is incidentally one of the oldest awards in India.

The awards for 2009 were declared on Jan 23th to a mixed shock. Lot of deserving and undeserving awards. Unlike other times, bollywood had a fair share this time. After all they are the biggest industry in India and considered to be the flag bearers of Indian cinema or atleast so they claim. Bollywood got awards via Rock On!, Fashion, Firaaq, and Jodha Akbar.

Priyanka Chopra hogged the headlines in most dailies and portals. She was quite glad and did tweet about it. She thanked god for it. Maybe she should. I do admit that her performance in the movie was more than good, but not great. There were other actresses who gave a better performance. One of the notable mentions is to be given to Priyamani (Award winner in 54th awards) in Thirakkatha. However, we should take ‘perspective’ into consideration.

For the same movie, Kangna Ranaut also got the award for the best supporting actress. I did like her in the movie and must say that she did put up a splendid performance. Thanks to one fact that she didn’t have much to speak in that movie :D. Sorry for that comment, couldn’t help it. Another award which can be debated upon. Similarly debated award is the best supporting male actor award going to Arjun Rampal for Rock On!!. A power backed performance in lines with what Kangna had given in fashion. It was one of a bravura performances by Arjun in the whole of his career.

Choreography award went to Chinni Prakash & Rekha Prakash for Jodha Akbar. India is a land where we can’t imagine a movie without dance and music. This award went for Azeem-o-shaan shehenshah and deserves full marks because of the grandeur of the song. Now don’t cite Hollywood movies here :P. Neeta Lulla also got award for best costume design for the same movie. Well, that was obvious ain’t it.

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! – being adjudged the popular movie was something I couldn’t quite digest. I do agree that it is a good movie with nice songs and satire. But popular movie! Nah!. It’s a movie, I also enjoyed. However, this section is totally left at the discretion of the judges and anomalies are quite common in this case. I would have given it to Rock On!!. It was a much popular movie, going by the verbal meaning of the award.

Neeraj Pandey got the debutant director award for A Wednesday. No brainer here. Dude, you deserve it. Special effects award went to Govardhan for Mumbai Meri Jaan. What! An award for some teeny imperfect scenes. It could’ve been better awarded to Jodha Akbar / Love Story 2050 (I know the movie is hopeless) / Race. Anyways.

Bala the magician director get the award this time for Naan Kadavul. This is again a closely contended category. But a movie like this can only be pulled off by Bala alone. He gave a total make over to Aryaa. Hats off Bala!

The singers of the year were Shreya Ghoshal for Antaheen and Hariharan for Jogwa. These movies also got the best lyrics and music award . A little disappointed because A.R.Rahman didn’t get an award. 2008 was an year where he has delivered one awesome score after another. There were good scores from other music directors also. However, I can’t comment over here because I haven’t heard the award winner.

Malayalam film industry feels a lil left out this time as Thalappavu, Gulmohar & Thirakkatha didn’t win anything. Thirakkatha was awarded the best Malayalam movie. Malayalam did get a consolation price in for the form of Special Jury award. This award was won by Madhusoodanan the director of Bioscope.

There was one standout award also. Best animation movie went to Roadside Romeo. Although the movie was hopeless, the animation was superb. The Disney partnership really showed.

I had followed the national awards on twitter today. Saw loads of comments on the same. I got whimsical and commented here and there. Now here I am writing this random article. As I hardcore Mallu I was a lil disappointed. The awards were about decent in my opinion and according to my limited knowledge.

Signing off. Ciao

Disclaimer: I haven’t commented on the languages I don’t know and on movies I haven’t seen. 🙂

Karthik Calling Karhik Music Review

We are all excited when a Farhan Akhtar movie comes for a release. They have always delivered right from Dil Chahtha Hai to Luck By Chance. So needless to say, my expectations are high. Add the magical trio Shankar Ehsan Loy as composers and the wizard Javed Akthar – It goes sky rocketing.

The album opens with a very fresh track: Hey Ya!. Incidently has a trio behind it also. The lively Clinton Cejero, Shankar Mahadevan & Loy Mendosa. It’s a fresh track which makes you go foot tappin. This was the song shown in the second teaser. Clinton does a good job here, sings it in ease. He is well supported by Shankar and Loy. This song gets you in the first shot itself. The attempt a Remix here by stretching it here and there and adding nice touches. Decent mix I would say.

Next is Uff Teri Adaa, Shankar Mahadevan starts in his high tone. One that we are very much used to. Alyssa Mendossa comes in after the intro and gives an interesting twist. Once the music starts, you will be like – yeh tho suna suna lag raha hain L. The song is a typical SEL song. This time there is voice synthesizer given to Alyssa and a lil DJ scratching. Remix’s for certain songs are to be avoided and this song was one of them. A total nonsense mix made out of the not so great song.

A Guitar starts playing in the background and soon followed by a very familiar voice. Oh-my-God; its none other than KK singing Jaane ye Kya Hua. Boy oh Boy feels very good listening to him after a long time. The composers keep the instruments quite simple yet compliments the flawless singing from KK. Shankar Mahadevan voice adds a nice touch to the song.

Something soothing comes up next. The music starts flowing then enters Kailash Kher, who floats along the music. He takes his soft tone to merge into the flowing music. He goes ‘Kaisi Hai Ye Udasi Chaai’. The female rendition done by Sukanya is quite in sync with the touch given by Kailash.

Beep Beep Beep, Shankar start ‘jisne thodi khamoshi hain’. The song starts on a good note then becomes a total masala. Suraj Jaggan, Caralista Monteiro & Malika Singh joins the cacophony.  Wondering why this track was added. ‘Karthik calling Karthik’ is a total cheesy song. Hope this song is not present in the movie. There is a Remixversion also present. I guess SEL wasn’t satisfied with one mish-mash.

Karthik 2.0 is a nice touch by Midival Punditz. Need I say that it will be good? It ain’t just good, it’s awesome!!! A song to listen on the move and in full volumes. Awesome techno mix which acts like a dessert after listening to all the songs. Nice touch at the end by giving a telephone hangup tone at the end. In the mobile era, who gets to hear it 😉

Final note: The album is worth a buy. The music gets into you, the more you listen to it. Wonderful job done by SEL. They’ve almost made it. I rate it 3.5/5

Go Hey Ya!!!!

Hello world!

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My first post on wordpress.

Let’s see how my writing proceeds 😀