My whimsical thoughts

Happy Republic Day

Its the 60th republic day. Yippeee!

Happy Republic day wishes to all. 🙂

I guess its the first time I am having a class or have to go to work on a Republic day. Anyways.

On this occasion, I remember my school days. When we used to go with mini flags in hand, sing national anthem. Listen to speeches on Republic day. Best part was the sweets that you get after that. Oh boy! I do miss it big time.

As I grew up and got out of college, this day became a mere holiday for me and for the matter for all of us.

On this occasion, I wish that our country becomes a better republic and start taking steps towards a better republic. Were fairness comes over vested interests. Every state people is treated as equals. Every language is given its due respect. I guess I am wishing too much. 😀

On this occasion, I would like to congratulate all the Padma award winners.

Anyways, Happy Republic Day once again. Jai Ho. Jai Hind!.

Found this nice poem.


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