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RUNN away from RANN

Never wanted to see this movie because of the over hype that it had and the National Anthem controversy. Highly mixed reviews cemented the desire in me on not to go for the movie.  Reached the movie hall to see Ishqiya, but as my luck would have it, No tickets 😦 Thought of leaving then friends said, lets see RANN. I was like theek hain :-/

Had zero expectation while seeing the movie. Mainly because I had lost faith in Ram Gopal Varma. I wish he returns to the person he was.

Its basically a half cooked story made with guest artists. That should sum it up all.

The plot: A media empire built on truth and ethics. Headed by Mr. Bachan. He has a son Sudeep who is frustrated that the competitors are doing well and his channel doesnt have TRP’s. The son in law Rajat Kapoor, who is a shrewd business man. This makes up the family.

With the employees you have Ritesh Deshmukh who is an aspiring journalist and considers Bachan to be his role model. Mohnish Behl as a cunning competitor. Suchitra Krishnamurthy as a spy in Bachan’s organization. Paresh Rawal as ruthless politician.

Plot is simple: Paresh & Rajat convinces Sudeep to show a phony news on the PM on their channel. Sudeep then in turn convinces dad to air the news. Govt falls. Paresh is the next in line. Ritesh revolts.

An easily guessable story. Half cooked by an uninterested cook – Ram Gopal Varma. Garnishing is done by horrible background score. Thank god I didn’t waste time to listen to them. Oops, I forgot the horrible camera angles and the crappy background score.

The second half was much much better. Last 30 minutes was torture and with an undigestable climax.

A look at the actors:

Riteish: He has one basic expression throughout the movie. Frustration+ sadness. Less dialogues. I felt he was facing constipation.

Bachan: You acting was good, no doubt about it. Like his son tweeted today, this movie doesn’t deserve you at all.

Sudeep: You were good in the beginning. But you sucked as it improved. Learn to shout and show emotions!

Gul Panag: You were there just for 4-5 scenes. So I leave you. Waise loved your dimples as usual 🙂

Paresh Rawal: Didn’t impress nor disappoint.

Rajpal Yadav: You were fun to watch as usual. Can’t complain at all.

Rest, are not even worth commenting. Either they weren’t good or they were not there much.

Couple of good scenes noted: The clippings from various channels after new break out. Rajat Kapoor mocking Paresh Rawal.

A request to Ram Gopal Varma: This was a genre which Madhur Bhandarkar has started boring us with. Please return to your original class.

Verdict: Not worth a watch in a movie hall unless ticket is free. If interested wait for DVD release.


Comments on: "RUNN away from RANN" (12)

  1. Nice review. If I wonder how would you have glued to the seat till end. If Gul Panag would have more scenes then I guess it would recover well as you said her dimples were lovely. 🙂

    I use to like RGV’s films a lot but recently I am not a FAN of his now anymore. He has lost its aura. I guess you saved my moolahs. Thank you very much.

    • Thanks a lot. 11 dollars diya hain. Isliye I sat through. 🙂
      I really wished Gul was there for more. She was a treat to watch in the very very limited scenes she had

  2. Good review there…Guess RGV should stop film-making..all his recent ones have been duds…

  3. Haha good review… i liked the title.. Run away from Rann… 😛

  4. Good Review……

    I wonder .. how u getting all these time man…. U Rock….

  5. Bijin | ബിജിന്‍ said:

    Had seen the trailer during 3idiots.. I felt he was trying to make it a complicated one and here you are saying that it is a simple, guessable plot.. Didn’t get the time to watch it and now even if someone offers free tickets and an off from work, still RUN AWAY from RANN…

    Keep blogging dude…
    (I hate sending comments about a blog through email rather than below the post itself.. after all this comment box is just for that I guess..)

    • Its had a good cast that could have been used to make an awesome movie.
      Anyways, I do recommend it for laptop watching.
      Thanks for the comments

  6. The Mockalist said:

    “An easily guessable story. Half cooked by an uninterested cook – Ram Gopal Varma.”

    That was funny.

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