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Adieu Cochin Haneefa

Malayalam film industry lost yet another star. A star that almost everyone of us keeps in heart. Such are the characters that he has played. The fat dark guy with a unique voice. I am feeling short of words to express about him.

Cochin Haneefa in my opinion would be the most remembered comedian after Jagathi Sreekumar. Think of any famous movie, he will be part of that. Hydrose of Kireedom; just see the change in him after he becomes part of Mohanlal’s team. See the maturity and the improvement in him in the second part – Chenkol. I remember how much he made us laugh as the uncle in Punjabi house, dumb manager in Friends, police inspector in Parakkum Thalika, pedali in Meesha Madhavan, etc.

He was even good with negative roles, the one that comes to my mind is Sabapathi in Pathram. He was shown as a no good policemen. He literally shocks you at the end. You are literally taken aback when he stabs from the back. The look on his face. Wow! Hats off. There are couple of other mentions like Mahanadi – the Kamal haasan starrer; where he was a prolific villain. Sadly I couldn’t see the movie.

Not many knows that he has directed an awesome movie. Vatsalyam starring Mammootty. Even I didn’t know. How can you expect a comedian like him to direct an intense movie like Vatsalyam.

He has left his mark not only on Malayalam industry but also on Tamil movie industry. He was seen in mentionable roles in Anniyan and Shivaji. I was surprised and so happy to see him in Vijay starrer Vettaikaran. Alas, the happiness has shortlived 😦

He leaves us at a time when the malayalam movie industry has been losing star and there are no good comedians coming up. You have been awesome and we will surely miss you.

To close I would like to quote Mammootty – “I lost my best friend, My heartily tribute to Cochin Haneefa..pray for him”

PS: I’ve been lucky to meet him once at my friend Madhu’s wedding. He is just as you see him in movies. Cracking jokes always. Will always remember that.


Comments on: "Adieu Cochin Haneefa" (6)

  1. Adieu Cochin Haneefa.
    I would like to add that he also directed a few Malayalam movies. His best work in direction was “valsalyam” with Mammotty.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Not just Vatsalyam… The movie “Bheeshmacharya” was also directed by him…(Remember the song “Chandanakkatte….”)… And his role in the Movie MAHANADI with KamalHassan was one of his milestone roles… (The saying goes that VMC Haneefa became the most hated one among the Tamils for his authentic portrayal of the ruthless politician..)

  3. Good post…In tamil movies, more than the cameo roles, he played the villain in Mahanadi against he single handedly brings about his family’s misfortune is really a treat to watch…

  4. Only two malayalees got a chance to sit in the bedroom of one and only Kalaignar( karunanidhi) . MGR and Cochin haneeefa!!!

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