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Rahul Gandhi had his share of limelight on Friday, 5th of February 2010. He is always in the limelight. I would also exaggerate and call him the darling of the media. Anything he does is news, be it sleeping in a hut, wandering around alone in Kozhikode. Anything around him is news. Well he is the apparent heir of the Gandhi Nehru clan and of the party.

What was special this time? He visited mumbai amidst the ‘Mumbai 4 All’ campaign. The controversy kicked off with Mukesh Ambani stating that Mumbai belongs to India, and not Maharashtra’s alone. That was more than enough for the whole of the Thackerey clan and Shiv Sena to comment. Luckily the issue died down soon.

Soon enough IPL season 3 auction happens where all the pakistani players players were snubbed. Deliberate or by chance. Everyone had their own reasons. Shar Rukh Khan was the first one to comment that it was not fair on our part.

The first family of Maharashtra – The Thackerey’s didn’t like his. They branded him a traiter and pakistani. They said they wont let his latest movie be shown in Mumbai. Initial thoughts were that it was just cheap publicity stunt that usually happens like how it happened in the case of 3 Idiots. The turn of events suggested otherwise.

This led to the #Mumbaiforall campaign on twitter. People voiced their opinions one by one. The voices were strong that it was even reported in the media.

Rahul Gandhi said that mumbai belongs to Indians like Mukesh Ambani and others. Shiv Sena turned their guns against him. Rahul Gandhi went on to visit Mumbai, travelled on Local train. He took the train from Andheri to Ghatkopar. He stood in the line to take the ticket. Interacted with the co-passengers, gave autographs etc. Shiv Sena threatened that he will be welcomed with Black flags, which never happened. I guess they would have decided to chicken out at the last moment. 😀

There was obviously security around. SS then went on to say that it was Mussolini style drama. Comon!

The reason why I liked all this drama from Rahul Gandhi was that, he had the balls to accept the challenge and travel in the local trains of mumbai. This would atleast give some courage to the people around. I am sure people would have seen this publicity stunt in a positive light.

Shiv Sena – the world is becoming smaller and we are in 21st century. Evolve or you will be left behind in life. Showing muscle power wont work always. Once people awakes, you will be singled out and will be labelled as insane!. Improve and take up issues which are relevant to people. Not the ones that wont give any value addition to people.

Rahul – your value has increased many folds in me and in most of the people. Continue working for the GenNext. You basically did ‘Chance pe Dance’ and struck on the Iron when it was hot. Keep doing so 🙂


Comments on: "Rahul – Symbol of Tomorrow?" (18)

  1. Fatima Ansari said:

    Hi. I find your writing to be very precise and crisp. No roundabout here. But just a small correction. There were black flag display…But keep up the good writing.

  2. The Mockalist said:

    Well I cannot comment on Rahul Gandhi as I am politically neutral these days. But, when 95% of politics is pure show off we better have a leader who is good at it. Rahul’s recent adventures have left me to wonder why does he have to do these stupid stunts! No matter what this country needs a leader who has the spine to react and stand tall (not that our current PM has no spine, he most definitely has, but in Sonia madam’s back). And Rahul seems to be the one India is waiting for. He respects other political parties and their views if he thinks they are right. No blind opposition. New age dawning upon Indian politics, may be, may be not. But people like him bring a certain professionalism to politics rather than just khadar shirts.

    • Thanks for the comments 🙂
      Politically neutral – I like that.
      You have rightly pointed out the good things about Rahul. Respect for opposition is something I look forward to everywhere. He has it to a certain extent.

      • The Mockalist said:

        but i have this feeling in my bone that somehow his sister is more charismatic and will play a bigger role in indian politics than rahul..

      • Its quite possible. The limited appearances and quotes that she had has always been good. Plus she looks like she has stuff. Doesnt have the chocolate look of Rahul

      • Bijin | ബിജിന്‍ said:

        I disagree. And I am stunned too. I thought the dynasty worship mania was over !!! Priyanka Wadhra has good and charming looks. But how can that be a qualification for ‘future of India’ kind of elevations?? Ridiculous… I had written a piece in he same subject in my Malayalam blog..

      • Dynasty worship unfortunately is still present. Look at Shiv Sena, SP, DMK. Pick any party, its there. However I dont mind it if the person is good. 🙂

  3. “The reason why I liked all this drama from Rahul Gandhi was that, he had the balls to accept the challenge and travel in the local trains of mumbai. This would atleast give some courage to the people around. I am sure people would have seen this publicity stunt in a positive light.”

    I’d like to know what the level of security was on the trains while he went on them. He inconvenienced thousands, no doubt. And he must have spent a few lakhs of our tax-payers money. Publicity stunts are fine as long as its not with my money!

    • What Shiv sena uses is also public money. I would consider it in the same lines of tax payers money.
      Security is something that he will have in any ways.
      Security on a larger level needs to be maintained as a small issue would affect not only him but all the people around him. There was a lot of tension laying around. This amount of security would have been there had any party been protesting or staging!
      Inconvenience – I do admit. He tried his level best to keep it at minimum.
      To sum up: There was a lot of cost attached. Costly or worthy – I donno. But I do like the end result. 🙂

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to know that Rahul traveled by local train.Great!!

    • Thanks a lot for your comments. Hope to see more in the future from you.
      Rahul has done similar stunts before also. Like I mentioned sleeping in a hut; walking out in the streets unguarded and eating at local joints. Which he did when he visited Kozhikode, Kerala

  5. well written brother…i really feel if congress implements what Rahul preaches we can have a better country 2 live in.We need his brand of politics,not politics of hate dat BJp or Sena preaches

    • Thanks a lot buddy.
      Rahul is our leader for tomorrow in my opinion. There are lots of good youth leaders with him.
      BJP should follow quit. The reason why I am saying is because you always need a good opponent to perform better 🙂

      • The Mockalist said:

        In fact in Indian politics, its long time we have a two party system. Hanging parliament sounds amusing like the hanging gardens, but its not working for us. Let there be parties. But let the people decide two among them to make it to the finals (like US) and elect one.

      • For political stability it is good. Or lemme say on paper it is good for India.
        But how do we divide them?
        and the biggest question is – will the junta accept it?
        I guess not!

  6. Bijin | ബിജിന്‍ said:

    I strongly stand with all those who oppose the Sena fascism and chauvinism.. Hope the ball won’t be dropped when a new movie gets released…!

  7. Initially I was supporting Rahul Gandhi only coz he is from Nehru – gandhi family. Now i have some valid reasons!!

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