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A sequel is in the wish list of any movie fan. Mainly because a good movie always keep you wanting for more. The thirst increases even more when it is a fantasy movie. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a movie that you would wish to have a sequel. A sequel made by Tim Burton is welcoming. Oops, I forgot the icing on the cake – none other than THE Johnny Depp. However, this time sadly he is just the Icing and not the cake. However the others make up for it.

Not many know that this movie is a sequel to the classic from Disney. I remember most of the people having a shock to have seen an older Alice in the trailer. Quick check at Wiki told me that it is a sequel not based on the books. People can relate is more or less to Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian.

Story starts off with the small Alice, who dreams of her sequences in the Wonderland and tell her dad about these nightmares. She innocently ask him is she mad. Her dad gives her a classic reply – “All the best people are mad”. Flash forward to the grown up Alice. Mia Wasikowska plays the role. A new comer who reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow. She plays the role of Alice fairly considering the fact that she is cast opposite Johnny Depp. I must give her extra points for playing the role with confidence. Story starts with the Alice at her forced engagement party when the Rabbit once again distracts her to the Rabbit hole.

She reaches the Wonderland yet again, having issues with the expanding and shrinking potion. She has a task at hand. Inhabitants have huge hopes on her, and they debate if she is the actual Alice. Even she is confused on what is happening. Land is ruled by Red queen. No points for guessing she is the villain. She is fun to watch, a short lady with exorbitantly huge head. A lady walking with pride filled with insecurity and dumbness. Must say that Helena Carter as the Red Queen is splendid.

From the familiar faces, we have the grinning Cheshire cat voiced by Stephen Fry; Alan Rickman voicing the wisdom flowing blue caterpillar Absolem. Two familiar voices. Wow. The fat twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee are fun to watch. We have a goofy White Queen played by Anne Hathaway. She reminds you of Depp in Pirates in some scenes. Watch out for the scene where she makes the potion.

Our star of the day – The mad hatter. He is all the more quirky this time. His tongue never stops and you love watching him. He is considerate not to gain all the attention from the young Alice. Their relation is emotion filled this time and more mature.

I had seen the 3D version. I feel as if 3D has become the bare minimum requirement for a big budget movie. I hardly see any movie without 3D these days. Anyways I don’t mind it at all :D. My eyes love them J Nice set of visuals, reminds you of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Hats of to Tim Burton, the writers and everyone involved. Wonderful job. Crip and to the point.

On the negatives, I would like to mention the weak climax and an End that you don’t quite like. As a Depp fan you wish, he had more screen time. 😀

This movie is worth a watch in 3D. Some lucky ones can watch it in IMAX 3D. I miss Hyderabad!!!! L

Rating: 4/5


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  1. Seems you really enjoyed the movie..will try to watch it too 🙂

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