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It’s been ages since I’ve read a book. I knew nothing about this book, before starting to read it. I knew the author through twitter. He writes whacky tweets, gives contrarian comments and last but not the least, supports Sreesanth. I have never seen such an ardent supporter of Gopumon. 😀 I was unaware of the fact that he had a hugely successful blog running and my friends used to read it. I was totally ignorant. I must thank ‘RT’ in twitter, without which I wouldn’t have noticed this guy. Because in my initial, this was the twitter handle I used to see the most. In no time I was following this guy. Eventually came to know that he has a book coming out soon with a name ‘Dork’. What sort of a name is that! I heard people talking about it, was more than eager to read it. After months of waiting, the book landed in my hands. Thanks to Vidhyut and Deval for getting it for me.

I can’t put in words on how much I enjoyed this ‘nonsense laugh riot’. I can’t think of a better description. I’ve been raving about the book ever since. I will have to take an anticipatory bail here, because I won’t be able to write well about the movie. Simply put. So please don’t throw brickbats at me for that. 😐

There is a classic proverb ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover!’. This book is one big exception. The back page is one of the most hilarious one that I’ve seen so far. There is no part of the book which will not make you laugh or smile even the ‘Author’s Bio’.

Prelude/Prologue/Preface is something that I had not seen till now. ‘Whatay’ intro! It gives you the feel of how whacky this book is going to be. The author tells us the turn of events on what led to the book. Quite amusing I must say. Fingers crossed and off to the next chapter.  The book got me hooked that, I couldn’t keep the book down. I finished the book at a stretch and only took bio breaks and for dinner. The book had a unique narration style. Totally first person. Yet it never got monotonous. The hero is a Dork, in the literal sense. One can’t get dumber than him. He is a kind of a person whom we know from our lives. The obvious goalpost! As the tagline says, the book is full of his hilarious escapades. Period!

What made me like the book which was small and had a wafer thin plot. It is just because it gave me a good hearty laugh. Not much variation in the plot, simplistic language used. Background used is a consulting firm, with references to Engineering and management colleges. The book also has cliché’s in other places also. Mallu bonding, inspirational SMS etc 😀

The book has one hilarious ending. It reminds you of the Saroj Kumar interview in ‘Udayananu Tharam’. The book is short, that it keeps you yearning for more. But have to say that, sometimes small is good 🙂

I totally recommend you all to read this book. Totally worth the money you pay for it. Enjaaaay.

Hats off to Sidin Vadukut for the wonderful book.

Links for the book. Link 1 Link 2


Comments on: "Dork – The Incredible Adventures of of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese" (12)

  1. neva knew u writ soo well……too gud…..

  2. Thanx for the mention 🙂
    The pretty same experience for me as well…single shot reading…light and very hilarious…

  3. Cybermaniac said:

    Well Ameen I was following your excitement in twitter about this. Your review makes me to get hold of this book. I should follow the witty author.

  4. Haven’t seen another book with PODA PATTI in the first page. I guess that sums up what to expect from the remaining pages! This one’s really worth a read…

  5. seems like uve gonna make me snatch dis book asap 😉 gah i hate the exam season

  6. Ameen.. a new blog..good stuff.. will keep visiting often… i read Dork because of the same reason that Sidin is awesome on twitter ..hehe.. twitter users are giving the book 4/4.5 for the book but altho i laughed out loud quite a number of times while reading it, think the book can be rated at 3 or 3.5/5.. . like someone said earlier ..the ‘PODA PATTI’ really sets up the tone of the book..maybe if i write a book i will use the same on the first page 😉

    • Thanks for reading….
      Well this is an old entry from me. The new one is about Malayalam Film industry.
      Do read that. 🙂
      One more thing about the book. There is a saying that says – ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. This book proves it wrong 😀

      Thanks for reading and the comment.

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