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Two Hungry Mallus

Two starved Mallus

I and Sabin are two hardcore malalayalees. He is one of the reasons why I don’t forget my mother tongue. Well, I have exaggerated 😀

There is only one meat that every keralite would crave for and that will be ‘Beef’. We both hadn’t had beef for more than 4 months. You can imagine our state. We found this restaurant called Swadisht at Race course road near Anjappar. We reached quite late, thanks to the Vodka :D. We were almost heartbroken when we saw the ‘Closed’ board on the shop. The owner quickly noticed our fallen faces and let us in. We owe you one.

Confused on what to order, we settled for Beef Olathiyathu and Curry with kerala porotta of course. Sahil was also with us, he helped himselves to mutton byriani. The moment it arrived on our tables, we were lost. We were like the actors in KFC’s finger licking good and McDonalds – Dad and Daughter sequence with mmmm. The feeling is unexplicable, Out of the world. We both realized how much we were craving for it. Sahil was wondering what happened to these guys. Can’t blame as we were like ‘ chakka kootan kanda piller’. We then gave Sahil total gyaan on what beef is for keralites 😀 Poor soul. We couldn’t stop yapping about it.

To conclude: Beef + Porotta = Heaven! Need I say more

and I miss my mom…..