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I Hate Luv Stories Review

There have been two movies which released with high expectations – ‘Raavan/Raavanan’ & ‘I Hate Love Stories’. The former came from a proven stable, and so had high expectations and the latter although not comparable; did have a small amount of expectations on it. The expectations ought to be high. However, the public hated the movie but I liked it. Most of the arguments have been covered in this blog and this one. I am not denying the fact that there are no flaws in it. There are numerous numbers of flaws one can spot in that movie. Despite all that I loved the movie and so did I like ‘I hate love stories’. Let me re-iterate – Like not Love 😀 and I liked the movie because of the story only!

There is a saying that “Don’t judge the books by its cover”. However this movies title attracted me much and so did the beautiful soundtrack. However, I didn’t heed to it. I did wait for the feedbacks and reviews. Initial feedbacks suggested that it was trash. However later on I did get some good reviews. Not great ones though. I decided to see it on my own and make my own view.

It is a cliché movie, filled with obvious things. If you see the trailers, you get the complete story. It’s all about a simple girl falling in love with a jerk who doesn’t value love, despite her being engaged to ‘The Prefect Guy’ . No points for guessing that the guy also falls in love with her. What is the problem with the story? Well this is a little different. How come such a story filled with lovely songs is hated by all? The makers committed the same mistake that was done by the makers of ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Much bigger one this time! I would call it bigger this time because they didn’t learn from the mistakes committed in ‘Love Aaj Kal’.

The most essential and the core ingredient involved in making a movie are the actors. The casting director has done the same mistake here also. Wait! Is there such a concept in India? Well, I must say a big NO! This is the age when all the big studios of Hollywood are flocking to India. When will Bollywood grow up from the craze of Big stars! Imran Khan as well as Sonam Kapoor killed the movie. In case of ‘Love Aaj Kal’ it was just Deepika Padukone who killed it. This time, however there is company. This is not a movie that runs with great dialogues and sceneries. This is a movie that is all about subtleness and ‘feel’ factor. If the actors can’t impart that, then the movie falls flat.

The movie was devoid of faff and was straight to the point. The dialogues, scenes, setting and songs were ok. However the garnishing which is the important part was missing. It was not rocket science that was being shown. It is something that can happen to anyone including you and me. This is a movie that came from a production house that has slowly started moving from the cliché love stories. They have given us some good movies like ‘My Name is Khan’, ‘Dostana’, ‘Wake up Sid’. Forgive them for the ‘K’ series movies. I guess we can forgive them this time as it is the fault of the actors.

Coming to the supporting cast, there are only two (can be three) actors involved. The first one being Samir Soni, who is well known in soaps. He is also devoid of emotions and matches the lead actors in ‘hopelessness’. There is Samir Dattani as Sonam’s fiancé who is just about ok in the limited role. The star of the movie is Kavin Dave whom we know from the Sprite ads. He is the same as in the sprite ads, goofy. His role is limited but he catches the attention well.

That leaves us to the lead actors – Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor. Both have god fathers and have films in their genes. Both are young. However, they have to grow a lot. They have screen presence, but once they open their mouth they cause terrible damage. They can’t emote nor can they deliver the dialogues properly. I have seen actors grow up over the time and becoming better. I would give them the benefit of doubt.

To sum up, ‘I hate love stories’ is a movie which is technically perfect. Good story, decent lines, nice locales and awesome music; which takes the score to 3.5 on 5.  The 2.5 of this goes to Punit Malhotra and his team. 1 complete point goes to Vishal – Shekhar for the wonderful and memorable music. However, the shoddy casting and the pathetic acting drags the rating down to 2 on 5. I would recommend you to watch this movie when you are free on cable or on DVD.

Final Rating: 2/5

Dork – The Incredible Adventures of of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese

It’s been ages since I’ve read a book. I knew nothing about this book, before starting to read it. I knew the author through twitter. He writes whacky tweets, gives contrarian comments and last but not the least, supports Sreesanth. I have never seen such an ardent supporter of Gopumon. 😀 I was unaware of the fact that he had a hugely successful blog running and my friends used to read it. I was totally ignorant. I must thank ‘RT’ in twitter, without which I wouldn’t have noticed this guy. Because in my initial, this was the twitter handle I used to see the most. In no time I was following this guy. Eventually came to know that he has a book coming out soon with a name ‘Dork’. What sort of a name is that! I heard people talking about it, was more than eager to read it. After months of waiting, the book landed in my hands. Thanks to Vidhyut and Deval for getting it for me.

I can’t put in words on how much I enjoyed this ‘nonsense laugh riot’. I can’t think of a better description. I’ve been raving about the book ever since. I will have to take an anticipatory bail here, because I won’t be able to write well about the movie. Simply put. So please don’t throw brickbats at me for that. 😐

There is a classic proverb ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover!’. This book is one big exception. The back page is one of the most hilarious one that I’ve seen so far. There is no part of the book which will not make you laugh or smile even the ‘Author’s Bio’.

Prelude/Prologue/Preface is something that I had not seen till now. ‘Whatay’ intro! It gives you the feel of how whacky this book is going to be. The author tells us the turn of events on what led to the book. Quite amusing I must say. Fingers crossed and off to the next chapter.  The book got me hooked that, I couldn’t keep the book down. I finished the book at a stretch and only took bio breaks and for dinner. The book had a unique narration style. Totally first person. Yet it never got monotonous. The hero is a Dork, in the literal sense. One can’t get dumber than him. He is a kind of a person whom we know from our lives. The obvious goalpost! As the tagline says, the book is full of his hilarious escapades. Period!

What made me like the book which was small and had a wafer thin plot. It is just because it gave me a good hearty laugh. Not much variation in the plot, simplistic language used. Background used is a consulting firm, with references to Engineering and management colleges. The book also has cliché’s in other places also. Mallu bonding, inspirational SMS etc 😀

The book has one hilarious ending. It reminds you of the Saroj Kumar interview in ‘Udayananu Tharam’. The book is short, that it keeps you yearning for more. But have to say that, sometimes small is good 🙂

I totally recommend you all to read this book. Totally worth the money you pay for it. Enjaaaay.

Hats off to Sidin Vadukut for the wonderful book.

Links for the book. Link 1 Link 2

Rahul – Symbol of Tomorrow?

Rahul Gandhi had his share of limelight on Friday, 5th of February 2010. He is always in the limelight. I would also exaggerate and call him the darling of the media. Anything he does is news, be it sleeping in a hut, wandering around alone in Kozhikode. Anything around him is news. Well he is the apparent heir of the Gandhi Nehru clan and of the party.

What was special this time? He visited mumbai amidst the ‘Mumbai 4 All’ campaign. The controversy kicked off with Mukesh Ambani stating that Mumbai belongs to India, and not Maharashtra’s alone. That was more than enough for the whole of the Thackerey clan and Shiv Sena to comment. Luckily the issue died down soon.

Soon enough IPL season 3 auction happens where all the pakistani players players were snubbed. Deliberate or by chance. Everyone had their own reasons. Shar Rukh Khan was the first one to comment that it was not fair on our part.

The first family of Maharashtra – The Thackerey’s didn’t like his. They branded him a traiter and pakistani. They said they wont let his latest movie be shown in Mumbai. Initial thoughts were that it was just cheap publicity stunt that usually happens like how it happened in the case of 3 Idiots. The turn of events suggested otherwise.

This led to the #Mumbaiforall campaign on twitter. People voiced their opinions one by one. The voices were strong that it was even reported in the media.

Rahul Gandhi said that mumbai belongs to Indians like Mukesh Ambani and others. Shiv Sena turned their guns against him. Rahul Gandhi went on to visit Mumbai, travelled on Local train. He took the train from Andheri to Ghatkopar. He stood in the line to take the ticket. Interacted with the co-passengers, gave autographs etc. Shiv Sena threatened that he will be welcomed with Black flags, which never happened. I guess they would have decided to chicken out at the last moment. 😀

There was obviously security around. SS then went on to say that it was Mussolini style drama. Comon!

The reason why I liked all this drama from Rahul Gandhi was that, he had the balls to accept the challenge and travel in the local trains of mumbai. This would atleast give some courage to the people around. I am sure people would have seen this publicity stunt in a positive light.

Shiv Sena – the world is becoming smaller and we are in 21st century. Evolve or you will be left behind in life. Showing muscle power wont work always. Once people awakes, you will be singled out and will be labelled as insane!. Improve and take up issues which are relevant to people. Not the ones that wont give any value addition to people.

Rahul – your value has increased many folds in me and in most of the people. Continue working for the GenNext. You basically did ‘Chance pe Dance’ and struck on the Iron when it was hot. Keep doing so 🙂

Mile Sur Mera Thumhara

One of the most discussed topic for this year’s Indian Republic Day was the new ‘Mile Sur Mera Thumhara’ video.

The video that came out on the Independence day of 1988. The video got instantly popular and is regularly aired on DD ever since then. The song was subtly made with a simple set of lyrics combined in a hummable tune. It had a nice blend of stars and normal people.  People naturally connected. Rest is history. The song became a cult and became almost equal to the national anthem in status.

Back then in 90’s, DD had a commanding presence in India. It was the channel that had the maximum reach in the masses. This song is inside almost every youth of today. We almost grew up with it. Its totally baffling to see such a rehash on the video.

The video starts with a sitar, you are like ok; good hain. A.R.Rahman enter the scene with continuum keyboard. You’ll be like ok ok. He puts in a decent effort, the baton is well taken by his continuum. I am nor sure if many would like this sequence.

Enter the current leader of Bollywood. The one and only Mr. Bachan. He starts with Mile sur mera thumhara, totally out of sync. Why did he have to do that. He has the gateway of India on the background. Not sure if its for real or CGI. I feel its poor CGI. Not disrespecting, but sur mein gaavo. You are not the musician here. Once he is done with his erratic singing, he does what he does best. He narrates. Lovely in his awesome voice. Everything forgiven.

Enter Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, with an alaap from Shankar, good hain. I am totally let down when he starts singing. Not you! Please. This is followed by a good Sitar sequence from Anoushka Shankar with tabla in the background. Rating goes a little up.

Enter Vikram in the tamil sequence, nice crooning at the background. Vikram is followed by Surya. Guys, you are not acting in a romantic song!

The current Koel Shreya Ghosal sings now. No comments here. How dare I. I wished that it lasted long. My wishes were never granted! 😦

Enter the Miss Beautiful with her Nakhra’s and her Hubby with a tone totally not related to his!

Telugu segment done by Mahesh Babu gets my full credit.

Wow Dal lake with Santoor in the back ground. Shivkumar Sharma & Rahul Sharma performs. Full marks here. What is Rohit Bal doing there in between!

I can go on and on like this. Almost everywhere I see stars going and coming. Where is the Aam Aadmi. At times I see decent performance by Zakir Hussain and Shaan. At the same time I see half baked performance from Shamak Dawar and Shobana. Also, horrible performance from Sonu Nigam with a beggar look. Dude, wearing decent clothes doesn’t give you a decent look. Plus the the crowd typically appears that it was controlled.

Mr. Aamir Khan – You are not singing Aati Kya Khandala.

Mr. SRK – You are are not going Sooraj Hua Madham.

Salman – He requires a good mention. He stands apart and so does he in the sequence. He connects well with the deaf children. Good job dude!

Rest all are not even worth a mention. If I mention more, I’ll end up having more enemies than friends.

Not that I hate the people mentioned. These are people I like and it hurts when they do such mockery.

If I am granted the permission to kill someone, I would kill the person who thought of this idea in the first place.

Rather than national integrity it portrays the integrities of film industries across the nation!

Last but not the least, they could have included Saif & Kareena also!

Happy Republic Day

Its the 60th republic day. Yippeee!

Happy Republic day wishes to all. 🙂

I guess its the first time I am having a class or have to go to work on a Republic day. Anyways.

On this occasion, I remember my school days. When we used to go with mini flags in hand, sing national anthem. Listen to speeches on Republic day. Best part was the sweets that you get after that. Oh boy! I do miss it big time.

As I grew up and got out of college, this day became a mere holiday for me and for the matter for all of us.

On this occasion, I wish that our country becomes a better republic and start taking steps towards a better republic. Were fairness comes over vested interests. Every state people is treated as equals. Every language is given its due respect. I guess I am wishing too much. 😀

On this occasion, I would like to congratulate all the Padma award winners.

Anyways, Happy Republic Day once again. Jai Ho. Jai Hind!.

Found this nice poem.