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Annayum Rasoolum

I am wondering what prompted me to write again. Is it because it is a great movie, is it because it had a great story line, or is it because it had a great casting – No! No! No!. The movie was good although not great and it did have BIG names in the cast. What attracted me to the movie were the simple story and the central characters.  

The movie is about Anna & Rasool – two simple small town characters and the usual bunch of people around them. I am confused if I should call them caricatures or stereotypes. We have our dear Nelson Mandela PP (Sunny Wayne) in a toned down version as our narrator. He is an actor to watch out for. Rasool played by Fahadh Fazil, a sweet and innocent cabbie. He is non-corrupted and he falls in love with her at the first sight. Like any ‘poovalan’ in the world, he stalks her with a grin on his face day and night. Anna is a typical girl next door whose smile is wiped away by the tragedies in her life. She is a lady of few words (literally, maybe a trend followed from Thattathin Marayathu 😀 ). She resists the good stalker initially and then falls for him. But she is hesitant coz of the religious difference. Wait a minute! Haven’t I seen this story umpteen number of times – yes! Yet I enjoyed him following her from dawn to dusk, I did enjoy seeing reactions, I did enjoy him conversing with his friends etc.

What makes the movie interesting is the way the package is delivered to you. It’s the same old wine presented in a new bottle with exotic side dishes. Most of the characters are the ones you see in your daily life or have met before you. You recognize them. Be it his friends, his family, her family, the people in the locality. I also did like the movie because it never went as I anticipated and yet it didn’t disappoint me. The love birds don’t speak much, yet you feel them. Last but not the least the director has mixed all the ingredients well to give a good end product.

Having said so, the movie isn’t without flaws. It is slightly stretched and story has gaps here and there. I accept the story as it without asking any questions. It’s a good watch in comparison to the so called superhit blockbuster movies from the superstars. Last but not the least, good effort from the debutant director Rajiv Ravi.