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Striker strikes just off target!

Striker was one movie that silently came. I am sure that many of the junta haven’t heard about the movie. Anyways.

This was once movie that that caught my eye because of Caroms, Sidharth, Padmapriya, Songs and premier on Youtube. What a killer move. Not many would have done that. They have also made a point that it wasn’t available for India and it was a streamed version. Nice touch on that front. No matter you do anything Pirates got hold of their quality. 😀 For me, I could watch my first online movie and that too legal. 🙂 I am indebted to the guy who thought of this. The movie already has over 200 thousand views.

The movie is set in December 92 in Mumbai. The time of communal tensions. So one thing is sure, no mobiles and freaky gadgets. Its been a long time since I’ve seen a movie like that.

The movie starts with Siddharth (Surya) getting to his place – Malwani, where there is a curfew in place. A typical ghetto in Mumbai. He is part of typical family living in a small kholi. In bits and parts, his growing up and his fascination towards caroms is shown.

Surya’s brother has a fascination with Caroms, he in his teens go on to make a bet against Aditya Pancholi (Jaleel) player and unfortunately looses. Surya’s tryst with Pancholi starts over there. Lemme introduce Pancholi, he is DADA who controls the area and runs carom games.

Surya is a typical lower middle class guy, who is struggling to earn. He also gets bitten by the gulf bug. He pays money to some phoney guy. Financial crunch and slowly gets into carom playing for money. Carom is his passion and his major USP.

There is this surprising goofey character – Ankur Vikal ( Zaid); he is part of Jaleel’s gang and Siddharth’s friend. He runs into trouble every now and then. He is the one who gets our hero into trouble every now and then.

Enough of stories. On the good points, the first half had the right pace. The pace is totally lost in the second half. Carom is used as a vehicle to carry the story and not much emphasis is given on it. So a carom n00b can also relate well to it. Attention to detail is quite good, be it the lingo and the dress. Songs have been put mostly into the background. The choice for cast is quite good and the main characters splendid. The animation on the company logos is one of the best I’ve seen in recent times. Don’t miss that part.

Siddharth remembles his character in RDB most of the time. Overall a good job.

Ankur Vikal (Maman of Slumdog), nice to see him back. He has done some good acting. Would like to see more of him.

Adithya Pancholi is another surprise package of the movie. Power backed performance. Takkar ka muqabla.

Anupam Kher gives a power backing performance as Inspector Farooque. The inspector or the ‘3 star’ responsible for law and order. A guy of principles and keen to keep law and order.

On the negatives, a talent like Padmapriya has been totally wasted. Its disheartening. I am wondering why did she choose the movie. She had a track which could have been totally avoided.

Vidya MalwadeSeema Biswas was there but without much impact.

There is a love interest in the form of Nicolette Bird (Noorie). She hardly talks and just vanishes in the first half. She reminds you of Giselle Montero of Love Aaj Kal. I wonder if there is a trend starting on that!

Final Note: I have not much gripes over the movie as I didn’t have to spend anything on the movie thanks to the producers. Its a movie I would recommend to watch in the coziness of your home.

Rating: 3/5