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Karthik Calling Karhik Music Review

We are all excited when a Farhan Akhtar movie comes for a release. They have always delivered right from Dil Chahtha Hai to Luck By Chance. So needless to say, my expectations are high. Add the magical trio Shankar Ehsan Loy as composers and the wizard Javed Akthar – It goes sky rocketing.

The album opens with a very fresh track: Hey Ya!. Incidently has a trio behind it also. The lively Clinton Cejero, Shankar Mahadevan & Loy Mendosa. It’s a fresh track which makes you go foot tappin. This was the song shown in the second teaser. Clinton does a good job here, sings it in ease. He is well supported by Shankar and Loy. This song gets you in the first shot itself. The attempt a Remix here by stretching it here and there and adding nice touches. Decent mix I would say.

Next is Uff Teri Adaa, Shankar Mahadevan starts in his high tone. One that we are very much used to. Alyssa Mendossa comes in after the intro and gives an interesting twist. Once the music starts, you will be like – yeh tho suna suna lag raha hain L. The song is a typical SEL song. This time there is voice synthesizer given to Alyssa and a lil DJ scratching. Remix’s for certain songs are to be avoided and this song was one of them. A total nonsense mix made out of the not so great song.

A Guitar starts playing in the background and soon followed by a very familiar voice. Oh-my-God; its none other than KK singing Jaane ye Kya Hua. Boy oh Boy feels very good listening to him after a long time. The composers keep the instruments quite simple yet compliments the flawless singing from KK. Shankar Mahadevan voice adds a nice touch to the song.

Something soothing comes up next. The music starts flowing then enters Kailash Kher, who floats along the music. He takes his soft tone to merge into the flowing music. He goes ‘Kaisi Hai Ye Udasi Chaai’. The female rendition done by Sukanya is quite in sync with the touch given by Kailash.

Beep Beep Beep, Shankar start ‘jisne thodi khamoshi hain’. The song starts on a good note then becomes a total masala. Suraj Jaggan, Caralista Monteiro & Malika Singh joins the cacophony.  Wondering why this track was added. ‘Karthik calling Karthik’ is a total cheesy song. Hope this song is not present in the movie. There is a Remixversion also present. I guess SEL wasn’t satisfied with one mish-mash.

Karthik 2.0 is a nice touch by Midival Punditz. Need I say that it will be good? It ain’t just good, it’s awesome!!! A song to listen on the move and in full volumes. Awesome techno mix which acts like a dessert after listening to all the songs. Nice touch at the end by giving a telephone hangup tone at the end. In the mobile era, who gets to hear it 😉

Final note: The album is worth a buy. The music gets into you, the more you listen to it. Wonderful job done by SEL. They’ve almost made it. I rate it 3.5/5

Go Hey Ya!!!!