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The Unattainable Awesomeness

We as human beings are always surrounded by awesome, super human people. The kind of people you idolize. I did meet another person whom I idolized (Ignore blasphemy for now :P). I had the idolization reconfirmed today. He is one of the awesome characters whom I had happened to stumble upon since my Mom and Cashettan. Two characters who always remained in my heart.

Add one more person today. My demigods, my trioka, my thrimurthi’s.

I close my eyes in prayers that atleast some day I can reach them close.

Humans are like Eggs!

I had seen ‘Maravathoor Kanavu’ when I was a kid. It had a dialogue which I called cheesy then ‘A Chick’s life is like an Egg, Once broken it can’t be mended. So take care’. I also laughed at the statement when it was played in the movie hall. Although cheesy, it made a lot of sense.

Fast forward to this day. A day which people call important in my life; somehow for me it is just another day. Somehow, I don’t see much of an importance in this day like all others. Turn of events has happened around me in such a fashion that a thought in the above cheesy line has crossed my mind.

“All humans are eggs; it just takes a different intensity to crack them”

Every person cracks at one point or the other, no matter how hard the person claims himself to be! I witnessed such an event today. A person whom I had considered to be a toughnut cracked in front of me. Oblivious to all the public! It was in such a highly ‘camouflaged’ way, that no one realized. As the clock ticks, this memory fades just like the music fades in the end…………………..